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Peter Elgar - CCC President

I have just got back into photography after a 40 odd year break and have been rejuvenated by the digital revolution in the field. Capturing and processing images has been made so much easier and inexpensive now since the old days of film and chemical baths. I am still striving for that perfect image and the journey and learning process trying to achieve that shot is a lot of fun. Beauty and colour is all around us and capturing the scene as you see it ,with the desired composition, shades of light, tone, and emotion is an exhilarating and exciting challenge.
Lately I have been excited by "Impressionist Photography" which is a style that attempts to capture the mood or feeling of the subject rather than a mirror image that is normally done by the camera. While there are many methods of producing this dreamy, ethereal look using software, I have been trying to achieve my work in-camera using shutter drag, intentional camera movement and by placing modifiers on my lens. This style opens up so many possibilities although it is not to everyone's taste.