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Casey Camera Club Subject Definitions 2015

Images depicting the interior or exterior of any man made structure portraying the surface texture, lighting, colour or geometry and emphasizing the character or beauty of the structure and suggesting its purpose or human associations. It may show a detail of a limited part of a building that displays architectural angles and lines in a dynamic or colourful way.

TEXTURES /REPEATING PATTERNS Textures: An image that shows surface detail and shadow. Texture detail can be revealed by the creative use of directional lighting on the subject/s (natural or artificial light). The use of artistic filters in post-processing or in-camera to simulate texture will not be accepted.

Repeating Patterns: Images of naturally occurring or man made objects depicting repeated patterns of colour, shape, or light and shadow. Images may be enhanced but images created in photo editing software using filters, cloning, multiple layers, or other techniques to achieve a repeated pattern are not acceptable.

MUSIC / MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS An image where music or musical instruments is the dominant or major feature. This may be an image depicting music, musical instruments, people playing musical instruments, music therapy, a musical performance, etc.

OCCUPATIONS / HOBBIES An image showing a person or people engaged in an occupation or hobby, pastime, recreation , sport or play. The occupation / hobby should be clear to the viewer from the image.

PAIRS An image depicting a group or groups of two e.g. a pair of shoes/multiple pairs of shoes, eyes, toys, fruit/a pair of pears, two mountains, two trees, etc.

RURAL / AGRICULTURE (AUSTRALIA) An image depicting any aspect of non-urban life or scenery representing life in a rural setting or agriculture, capturing the spirit of the Australian countryside. Content can range from rural social documentary to rural landscape or agriculture and may include animals, machinery and buildings or any other component of rural life. The picture must be taken in Australia.

SHADOWS / SILHOUETTES Am image in which a shadow(s) or silhouette(s) are featured. The cause of the shadow(s) / silhouette(s) may be included but must not dominant the image.

WEATHER/ELEMENTS Capture the various weather conditions, sun, wind, rain, cloud movement or capture the spirit of earth, air, fire or water.

MAN MADE The image must be dominated by a man-made object or objects that are not architectural or people. Remember all the times you’ve been told ‘no man-made objects’ – this is an opportunity to ‘go for it’. A few examples might be: cutlery, boats, aero planes, cars, monuments, piers, gadgets, computers, stairs, fences, lamp posts, etc.

STILL LIFE A photograph of a deliberate arrangement of inanimate objects whether natural or man-made or a combination of both in an artificial setting.