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Casey Camera Club How to enter?

  • By submitting an entry to a competition the entrant certifies that it is their own work.
  • Entries must originate as photographs ( captured on film, digital camera sensor, or may be scanned from photographic negative or print ) made by the entrant.
  • Composite of two or more images are acceptable unless specifically excluded from a competition.
  • Images may be digitally edited using appropriate post processing software, unless otherwise specified for a particular competition, ie Nature.
  • Images may be produced by the maker or via a commercial printer or photo lab.
  • Printed images must be matted in accordance with the competition rules.
  • Digital images must comply with the size requirement set out in the rules, ie 1400 x 1050 pixels, 1000kb size.
  • Slides are not accepted.
  • HDR processed images are acceptable in any category.


All Print works must be mounted on a 16" x 20" mount board plus backing sheet. Mount and print thickness shall not exceed 5mm. Minimum Print size is 8" x 10" and maximum Print size is 16" x 20"

Each submitted Print entry shall have a completed Club Competition label affixed to the Left Hand rear of the work, see below.


All entries are to be submitted in accordance with the competition rules and with a Competition Entry form. Entry forms and digital images may be submitted by email to

DIGITAL PROJECTED IMAGES: Digital images are to be no wider than 1400 pixels and no higher than 1050 pixels. Maximum filesize is 1 MB. File names are to be in the following format, Title_Member Number.jpg

PRINTS: All Printed Works submitted to club competitions are to include a digital image which will be used for projection on judging night. The digital image is to be of the same dimensions and size as Digital Projected Image entries, (1400 (W) pixels x 1050 (H) pixels, 1 MB file size). Digital images filenames are to be in the following format, Title_Member Number.jpg

Print Stewards

At least 2 Print Stewards will be required to administer and facilitate the monthly competitions. This position is open to any financial member of the club.

Duties of the Print Steward include:

  • Preparing a calendar of monthly competition topics published at least 2 months in advance to allow members time to prepare works for entry.
  • Publish and enforce deadlines for the works to be received by the steward from members.
  • Verify all works comply with the rules of entry (size, theme, repeat-entry and mounting dimensions)
  • Compile a list of entries in the order that they be presented to the judge and in a form that will suit the scoresheet.
  • Attempts should be made to contact a member if convenient to sort out minor problems or concerns with an entry.
  • Mounted prints should be checked to ensure it securely assembled and has no sticky surfaces or raised edges that could damage other works.
  • Arrange for the secure packing and delivery of entries to the judge so that they have ample time to review, mark & critique all entries. Provide a score sheet in the correct image order and with room for a mark and critique
  • Arrange for digital images to be copied to a USB stick for delivery to the judge so that they have ample time to review, mark & critique all entries.
  • Arrange for the engagement of an appropriate judge to mark competitions and specify judging date, membership grades, marking criteria and the likely number of works and when the judge can expect to receive them. Provide the judge with details of presentation policy and method, together with the amount of travel expense allowance. See if the judge wants to show members some of their work after judging.
  • Follow up with the judge a week or so before Judging Night to confirm all is OK for judging night.
  • Provide the meeting chairman with the judge's credentials\achievements so that they can be introduced to the members
  • Manage and assist the judge on Judging night and pay the honorarium at the end of the judging