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Casey Camera Club Competition Rules

Why have a competition?

The principal function of our competitions is to encourage & inspire our members, and develop their skills. They will give members the opportunity of having their work regularly displayed to their peers and encourage improvement of standards through independent critique and evaluation of their work. It should not be about "winning" but receiving unbiased and qualified feedback to help develop member's skills and artistic method in their photography.


Only a financial member of the club can enter work in a club competition. The work must be original work of the member as captured and processed by themself. All work must not be older than 2 years and not have been entered in a Casey Camera Club competition previously. Entering a re-cropped, re-named, or re-worked image that has been previously entered is not permitted except in the End of Year competition. Entering an image in monochrome that has been previously entered is not permitted, except in the End of Year competition.

Grading of members

To keep it simple, assist the judge in making allowances for only 2 skill levels and to follow the model of the Frankston, Pakenham and Berwick Clubs, I believe we should have only 2 member grades, Regular and Advanced.

Advanced members are those that are classified as Advanced in another club, are experienced photographers and consider themselves to be of an advanced standard or have:

* 3 or more acceptances in National or International exhibitions

* Have been awarded scores of 14 or more, on more than 5 occasions in the preceding year club competition

Following the End of Year awards an assessment of member's results will be done and those members who qualify will be promoted to the Advanced section. Regular members who have achieved Acceptances in National or International competitions must advise the Print Steward after the competition.

All other members will remain in the Regular section until they achieve one or more of the promotion criteria.

How often are competitions held?
Competitions will be held monthly .

Judging will be held on the last Thursday of each month and members would then submit their entries to the Print Stewards at that time for the following month's competition. A special End of Year competition will be held in December where members can enter printed images (colour and\or monochrome) for Print of the Year. Digital projected images will not be eligible in the End of Year completion.

Competition Categories

There will be three categories of entry:
Prints all to be presented in a 16" x 20" mount:
1. Monochrome image to be 8" x 10" or larger in either dimension toned in a single colour over the whole image. Partial toning or the addition of one extra colour is not acceptable.

2. Colour image to be 8" x 10" or larger in either dimension

3. Projected Digital Image to be no larger than 1400 horizontal pixels or 1050 vertical pixels in size and with a file size no larger than 1000 kb.

The print stewards may reject any work not conforming to these rules or complying with the set subject definition. They may also refer an entry to the committee which may be considered offensive and the committee's decision to include or exclude that work is final.

Limit on number of entries per monthly competition

Members may enter up to 4 entries into any monthly competition, with a maximum of 2 in any category.

Marking and Awards

Each entry is judged on its own merit and judges will be asked to score out of a maximum of 15 points. Judges may award more than one 14 or 15 score in any category and will be asked to use the following criteria:

  • 14 - 15 Exceptional image technically and compositionally, in concept and originality.
  • 12 – 13 An image of above average quality in concept, composition and technique with no major technical faults
  • 10 – 11 A basically sound image in concept, composition and technique, but lacking the impact of the above works.
  • 8 – 9 Significant deficiencies in technique, composition and subject selection
  • 0 – 7 Does not meet the rules of entry

We don't believe a 1st, 2nd and 3rd award should be made monthly by a judge as it is ridiculous trying to award a 1st place between two or more works marked equally highest at 14 or 15.

A special End of Year competition will be held where members can enter printed images (colour and\or monochrome) for Print of the Year.

The End of Year competition is open to all entries, even those entered previously in a Casey Camera Club competition, is of Open subject matter and will be graded into Regular and Advanced. This means there will be four awards for End of Year competition:

Regular – Colour and Monochrome Advanced – Colour and Monochrome

END OF YEAR awards – Each member's points will be aggregated from their top entries in each category of the club competitions from February, (or later), to November. The member with the highest aggregate points will be awarded winner in the following categories:

Monochrome – Regular and Advanced grades

Colour– Regular and Advanced grades

Digital Projected Image – Regular and Advanced grades